Academic Conversation Peer Observations

Peer Observation and Reflection

The Purpose of Peer Observation Peer observation is a powerful tool for supporting adult learning. By pairing up and observing each other, teachers build their reflective practice, engage in targeted professional conversations with colleagues, and observe instructional strategies in action. When implemented across a school, it fosters a culture of collegiality, collaboration, and trust among staff.


Guidelines for Teacher

 Guidelines for Teachers <– Click Here to Review

Before the Observation – Pre-Observation Conference (15 minutes)

During the Observation (20 minutes)

After the Observation – Post-Observation Reflection (15 minutes)

Who Do I Observe?

Peer Observation Pairings <– Click Here to Review

What Are we Looking for?

Review our Academic Conversation Indicators and discuss with your partner what your focus should be.

Academic Conversation Indicators <– Click Here to Review

Notetakers Forms

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