Interim 3 Assessment and Data Days

Testing/Data Days MOCK EOG (April 2018) 

  • Click above to review the assessment calendar and data day schedule.

Data Day Teacher Prep

  • The document above indicated what need to be prepared and accomplished prior to arriving at Data Day.
  • If you have specific questions please Ask a Teammate or a Content Facilitator for support.

Data Analysis and Action Plan

  • Click on the link above to view the Data Analysis and Action Plan.
  • When the window opens select Add to Drive
  • You will need an Action Plan for each subject or section.
  • Data

Data Day Agenda

  • Please review the linked agenda above for the day of Data Day… Teachers who teach one subject area will have different times allotted to each segment. Your timing is in ( )

1:1 Data Meeting

  • You will find the agenda for your 1:1 Data meeting linked above. This is a meeting you sign up for with your Content Facilitator to review assessment data and plan for action. Each Content Facilitator will communicate how and when to sign up for a meeting.
  • Action Plans will need to be ready for review by Facilitators 24 hours prior to your scheduled meeting.
    • SIGN UP FOR MATH 1:1 Meeting by clicking here 🙂
    • SIGN Up for K-2 Reading 1:1 Meeting by clicking here :o)