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Math PLC Agenda’s

K-2 Topic Assessment Common Core Standard Alignment <– Click Here to view 


We have been doing such amazing work in math that we are now ready for Step 2 of our planning sheet!!!!! PLEASE do NOT redo any work that you have already done… simply start to utilize this new sheet where you have left off. Because our planning sheet will be utilized as an instrumental tool for PLC its completion is required. A perk for you is that it still may be scanned and loaded to drive as your lesson plan if you choose! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out. I am placing hard copies in the PLC room now 🙂

Please feel free to access a digital version of the worksheet below.

Step 2 enVisionmath Worksheet 2017-2018 Google Doc


PLC MEETING AGENDA 10-03-17 <- Click Here to View the Agenda for the day. 

enVision Curriculum Documents

PLC Day 8/22 & 8/23

What materials do I have online?

Planning Documents and Tools

Curriculum Planning Guide<- Review Days 1-5

Building a Mathematical Community Lessons

enVision Math Worksheet


Curriculum Day 2017 Presenter Training K-2

Curriculum Day 2017 Presenter Training 3-5