Tornado Drill

 Tornado Drill –  Wed March 8 @ 9:30-9:50AM

Did you know… that North Carolina averages 19 tornadoes a year?

David Cox Dynamite Dolphins will participate in the NC Severe Weather Awareness Week- tornado drill on Wednesday morning. This mock drill will allow our office team to practice responding to our weather emergency radio, then activate alarm sounds in our school, and allow staff and students to participate in the Tornado Plan and use the “Duck and Cover” position. All teachers- please refer to the below steps.

  1. Practice Days: (March 3-7) Please schedule 5-10 mins to practice the “Duck and Cover” position in your classroom or hallway and review the attachment or the link below for information from our School Safety Plan. Remind students that during the drill- we will evacuate to a designated hallway. Optional YouTube Video (1min 46 sec) for your class to view is HERE<>
  1. Tornado Drill – 9:30AM – All students and staff will participate in Tornado Drill and report to designated areas. We will use the “Duck and Cover” position.

More information on the attached document or you can access it HERE<>